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Water Bowsers

Water Bowsers For Sale In Pakistan And South Africa

Water Bowsers for Sale

We have a broad range of Water Bowsers to ensemble a variety of applications. Our Highways Water Bowsers are road lawful and idyllic for the haulage and storage of filtered and nonpotable water. Our Site Water Bowsers for sale are used on edifice sites and are each manufactured with a sturdy and hard-wearing chassis to ensemble the rough conditions. We also hoard Pressure Washer Bowsers, Plant Watering Bowsers, Dust Suppression Bowsers, and Static Bowsers. Our variety of Water Bowsers is ideal for use as moveable water tanks and emergency water tanks for lots of applications counting drinking water.

Water bowsers

Water Bowsers – Site Tow, Skid, and Highway Capable!

Water Bowsers for the acquiescent, protected transport of water. Although most are particular to hold up crop spraying operations they have lots of other uses such as watering livestock, fire hostility to dust repression, watering tracks and ménages, etc. Moreover they can have deferral and air braking for ‘High Speed’ road use. We are very knowledgeable in adapting our regular design for a broad assortment of uses! Your construction site wants one of our resourceful towed or skid bowsers. Also obtainable with pumps and options:

  • Drinking water storage tank (potable)
  • High powered engine determined pressure washers. We provide both petrol and diesel driven.
  • On-demand pumps for welfare amenities and temporary plumbing.
  • Plant watering kits for execution baskets and universal irrigation.
  • Dust control spray units for damping down grimy sites.

Safe Water Supply and Transportation with Water Bowsers

These water bowsers are quality assured through design from the soil up to be additional strong. A one-piece moulded browser ensures utmost truthfulness. Meanwhile, Baffling enables secure and steady transport by lessening the association of the water when towing. Also, low preservation and long life are achieved by increasing on a hardwearing, fully galv mobile chassis. Please note we also present a variety of portable tanks from IBC tanks to dust inhibition bowsers.

Flexibility for On-Site Water needs

When you don’t have admittance to a water source there is not anything handier than a site tow bowser. Their vigorous off-road abilities are a wonderful on-site solution for building sites, growth estates, and golf clubs. These mobile water tanks can undertake territory with effortlessness because of their stocky tyres and brawny steel wheels! employees love them too because we provide potable bowsers for work in distant areas. Drinking water is to be stored in filtered bowsers only as they are built to be robust for human expenditure.

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We can custom build mixer systems built to convene your supplies either with one of our tanks or with your tank. Enduramaxx has a sole pin escalating system that enables the tank to be mounted steadily without the required to use steel mounting straps, which can cause exhaustion. Moreover the tanks are intended to expediently mount on a flat exterior without any added support.

  • No cabinets/extra cabinets
  • Air brakes
  • Use your pump
  • Add extra space for IBCs
  • Bolt it onto your trailer

Our ATV water bowser trailers all have the following features

  • Quality hubs and studs complete with sealed bearings
  • Fully hot-dip galvanized chassis
  • Robust monocoque chassis
  • Treated timber floor
  • Rigid steel welded framework construction
  • Low ground pressure flotation wheel & tyres


Malik Argo Industries is an insightful specialization unit for the expansion and manufacturing of super-structures over stiff bodies of Trucks and trailers positioned in the industrial hub, the most engineering, and trading capacitive world.


We at Malik Argo Industries’ new leader solution that processes transportation manufacturing and transforms hassles into dependable resources benefiting our clientele and communities.

We comprehend the need for society with the up-and-coming demands of dependable unique purpose vehicles. The human resource concerned in rescuing onslaught and protection to mediation authorities, risk their lives to assist others, therefore work truck encourage their work and adversity through the stipulation of vast exceptional purpose vehicles product line of security and steadfastness.

Ordering and Paying

Buying from us is a secure and stress-free process. While we endeavor to make certain that making a purchase is as uncomplicated as possible.  Just browse our site and get in touch with us with your requirements, either using email or through our official numbers. Our preferred method of payment is Bank Transfer, or by hand cash also.  We acknowledge all chief debit and credit cards (subject to charges).

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