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Fertilizer Sprayer


Fertilizer Sprayer

The Fertilizer Sprayer is a piece of equipment that can cover a field with Liquid Fertilizer. This doubles the field’s Crop yield. Fertilizer Sprayers are small and somewhat cheap, but the fertilizer they use is expensive.

The Fertilizer Sprayer is a machines that can be filled up with Liquid Fertilizer, and then taken to a field where they will distribute onto the soil. The fertilizer material itself is a mix of mineral compounds that are highly nutritious to plants. Any patch of the is field covered with this material will yield double the normal amount of fruit, when harvested.



The sprayer is a device which is used to spray a liquid, where sprayer is commonly used for projection of water, weed killers, crop performance materials, pest maintenance chemicals, manufacturing and production line ingredients. In agriculture, the sprayer is a piece of equipment that is used to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers on agricultural crops. Sprayers range in size from man-portable units (typically backpacks with spray guns) to trailed sprayers that are connected to a tractor, to self-propelled units similar to tractors, with boom mounts of 4-30 feet up to 60–151 feet in length depending on engineering design for the tractor and land size.


Why Malik Agro Industries Farm Implements?

  1. Customized designs to match specific customer requirements.
  2. Easy operation, robust design, and field tested for reliability and durability.
  3. Malik agro industries Engineering is an ISO 9001 certified company and our entire production process is subjected to strict in-process quality controls.
  4. All K.E. products carry a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects and bad workmanship.
  5. All hydraulic and pneumatic components are of European origin and are thoroughly tested under extreme conditions and thereby ensure minimum

Fertilizer Sprayer For Sale In Pakistan

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