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Seed Drill

  • Sows the seed at equal lengths and the proper depth
  • Ensures that the seeds get covered with soil .
  • Available in different tines range


Pakistan Seed Drill Seed Drill Buy In Pakistan- Specification And Booking

A seed drill is a sowing device that sows the precisely in the soil at proper depth and distance. Then it covers them with soil. The use of a drill can improve the ratio of crop yield (seeds harvested per planted) by as much as nine times.
A seed drill is a device that sows the seeds for crops by positioning them in the soil and burying them to a specific depth.
Steps at a Glance
Determine the target seeding rate.
Fill drill with seed, set the seed gate, and turn the drive wheel so that seed is flowing.
Disengage the seed tubes and attach collection containers.
Set the drill to the recommended seeding depth.

What Are The Advantages Of Seed Drill?

Sowing by using a drill saves time and labor. Moreover the drill sows the seeds at equal distances and proper depth. Ensuring that the seeds get covered with soil and saved from being eaten by birds. While we can save time and less seeds are wasted by this method.

How Does A Seed Drill Work?

Metering out the individual seeds, positioning them in the soil, and covering them to a certain average depth. Furthermore the drill sows the seeds at equal distances and proper depth. Ensuring that the seeds get covered with soil and are saved from being eaten by birds.

Specifications Of Seed Drill

Agro drill AD730 Specifications
Range AD730
Number of Sowing Rows 20
Working Width 3.5m
Transport Width 4.35m
Hopper Capacity Front 755L

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4. All K.E. products carry a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects and bad workmanship.

5. All hydraulic and pneumatic components are of European origin.

Seed Drill For Sale In Pakistan

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