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Post Hole Digger

What is a post hole digger

Post hole digger

In its simplest form, a post hole digger is a device used to tunnel or bore out a profound hole appropriate for placing a post in the soil. However, these practical devices can be used for additional than just a post. They’re astonishingly effectual at removing dirt from rather hard-bitten soil for planting or amending and can be used to make larger-sized holes as well as solitary post holes. They can also be used to aid create trenches for doing irrigation, or other alike deep digging tasks. There are 2 vital styles: post hole diggers that weary out a hole, and those which dig out a hole. Either method, you decide to go, it’s a huge way to move soil for your present project.

Post Hole Diggers:
  • Dependable, rugged gearbox
  • Safety shielding covers auger and power take-off
  • Optional downforce kits
  • Optional hook-up stand

Types & Uses of Post Hole Diggers

There are 5 major types of post hole diggers to decide from. These are the conventional, the scissor-action, the general, the double-pivot, and the counterbalance post hole digger. Below is some preliminary information on every type.


The traditional post hole digger is innovative and simplest in design. The tool’s mechanical equipment consists of two curved steel blades in front of each other that are associated at the pivot point. The blades are then fixed firmly to the handles by bolts to keep them definitely in place.


The scissor-action digger is also recognized as a split-handled digger. It has handles that cross over, comparable to the intent of a couple of scissors.

The digger differs from other types as the blades are welded to steel tubes, which restrict the end of the handles. The handles are inserted into the tubes and bolted into place, to augment the force of the digger. This makes the digger extra suited to working in rocky soil, as there is less risk of the welded blades breaking away from the finish of the handles.


The universal post hole digger can also be acknowledged as the Boston digger. It is very diverse in look to the other types as it has 2 handles of different sizes and shapes. One handle is extended and straight, while the other is greatly shorter and lever-operated, meaning it bends out to the side.

This type of digger also works another way from other diggers. It has one blade which stabs the ground and exclusively dislodges the dirt ahead of the second blade is hinged down, by the lever-operated handle, to aid gather and eradicate the loose soil.


A double-pivot digger has 2 pivot points, instead of just the one. The additional pivot means the digger works in a conflicting way to the conventional post hole digger, as once the blades are in the land, the handles are pressed jointly to fasten the soil, rather than being pulled apart.

The extra pivot’s placement amid the handles also restricts them from opening too ample when opening the blades. This allows the digger to excavate deeper and narrower holes than other types as the handles are not thwarted during the procedure.


An offset post hole digger has instantly handled that are located very close collectively. Which then frustrates at the apex by bending out in conflicting directions. This allows the user to exploit less force when closing the blades, as the handles have superior leverage from the equalize feature.

Manual Post Hole Digger Features

While a manual post hole digger is a moderately fundamental piece of equipment, there are a small number of things to appear for. The handles of your post hole digger are the most significant thing to think about. While older diggers had made of wood handles, those can obtain weaker with age and break down. Most quality diggers are obtainable with fiberglass handles that are non-breakable for added strength. This is vital if you’re departing to be going through tougher or rockier soil, as the handles are what give the leverage desirable to dig.

Another deliberation is the extent of the handle. That length decides how simply you’ll be able to acquire influence on your post hole digger. Longer is enhanced for two reasons. The primary is that a longer handle gives you more influence in common. The second is that the longer the handle, the deeper your hole be able to be. Both are significant factors. The other feature of the post hole digger that you should be considerate to is the joint where the two scoop-shaped blades join mutually. Be certain it’s a strong joint, preferably one which won’t untie effortlessly. While the blades are usually constructed solidly, they’re ineffectual without a safe swivel point.

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