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NH 640S 2wd Tractor

New Holland 640s (75 HP 2w) for sale in Kenya

New Holland NH 640s 75HP Traactors For Sale In Kenya | Nh Tractors For Sale In Kenya-price Specification And Booking

Malik agro-industries offering New Holland NH 640s 75HP Traactors for sale in Kenya at a low price.  Once it absolutely was Fiat brand and now could be being manufactured by Malik agro industries in Pakistan. NH 640s (75 HP 2w) tractor is competing Massey Ferguson’s tractor MF 375 which is 75 HP. In the current market NH 640 is taking the pace, and its demand is increasing day by day.

New Holland 640s is employed for farming (plugging) purpose mostly. This tractor is best considered for Laser Land Leveler and Disc plough, trend for using it on trolley or haulage is increasing has increased the standard of the tractor but not at par yet. Value addition has also done by the corporate, customer is appreciating the identical.

The NH 640 Special Tractor by Fiat New Holland is an extended version of NH 640. Its many exceptional qualities and features which make NH 640S more demanding.


Fiat New Holland NH 640s special tractor is one among the foremost environment-friendly, cost-effective and efficient tractors for farmers. It also an easy-to-operate, convenient and supplied with a handy system for the user. With a convenient interior and operating interface, it can improve the last word performance of certain tasks.

Following are listed its features:


The Fiat New Holland NH 640s (75 HP 2w) tractor is friendly to the environment and capable, economical and provides user with easy operating interface. Like most of recent Holland Tractors, NH 640s (75 HP 2w) works with a high performance and robust Fiat Engine. NH 640s contains a firm straddle rear axle which makes it an important duty tractor. Fiat New Holland NH 640s (75 HP 2w) tractor contains excellent oil immersed disc brakes. Like many other New Holland vehicles,

The NH640s (75 HP 2w) model has also excellent heavy duty front axle support. Fiat NH 640s 2wd tractor is provided with heavy duty steering arm and spindle. New Holland NH 640s tractor has an enhanced hydraulic distribution structure.

Fiat New Holland NH 640s (75 HP 2w) tractor contains a highly developed hydrostatic steering system for the relaxed drive.


SPECIFICATIONS of NH 640s (75 HP 2w)

Engine Power

Operating Weight

No of Cylinders

Bore Stroke

Piston Displacement

Maximum Power Maximum Torque



Air Filter

Fuel Filter

Fuel Tank Capacity



Brakes (Parking)


Driver’s seat

Power Take Off

Hyd. Pump

Pump Capacity

Maximum lifting capacity

Tire (Front)

Tire (Rear)


75HP2070 Kg.



3613 cc

@ 2500rpm 75HP

@1400 rpm 24.9Kgm.

Distribution Injection type with mechanical speed governor.

12Volts 115 Ah.

Oil bath with pre cleaner and Semi-automatic dust unloader

02 replaceable cartridges

54 Liters

Gear box with constant mesh gears:8 forward and 2 reverse speeds: Synchromesh on

3rd, 4th, 7th, & 8th speeds.

Service Dry Band type with mechanical control.

With hand lever, on right side of operator.

Hydraulic power with independent oil pump of flow capacity 12 liter/minute and separate oil tank capacity 1.8 liters with complete filtering system.

Fully upholstered, with parallelogram suspension, adjustable to driver’s weight.

540rpm (1318″ -6 spline Shaft)@ 1967 engine rpm

Gear type pump driven from engine.

24.8 l/min

1650 Kg.



Speed same as engine -Anti clockwise


New Holland Tractors For Sale In Kenya

Malik agro- industries have a lot of stock of new Holland tractors for Kenya like, New Holland 55 hp NH-480,NH 65 HP ,NH 75 HP 640-S,NH 85 HP 2w 70-56 Dabung, NH 85,HP 4w NH 70-56FIAT 480 tractors is accessible in Kenya for purchasing you’ll be able to contact company dealership. Delivery is formed within fortnight from the factory. Malik agro industries gives warranty claim for spare parts except rubber, electronic components and fuel injection system Pump FIP. Sale purchase is additionally made through private show rooms throughout the country. This model is additionally available for export in in foreign countries.

New Holland Tractors Exporter From Pakistan To Kenya

Malik Agro Industries Pakistan is the top level New Holland Tractors exporter in Pakistan. We have in-line problem solution system to suits your timely problem rectification with in 24hrs, and right after, the Parts needed to be shipped timely. We authorized dealers of NH Tractors. Infect, we have a huge and large stocks available of Quality MF Tractors all the time for ready shipments as comparable with other suppliers.



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