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MF 290 2wd Tractor

Get MF 290 2wd Tractor with a team of highly qualified and skilled professional workers of Malik Argo industries

Introduction of Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson was formed with the fusion between Massey-Harris and the Ferguson companies in 1952, which has now developed to be one of the world’s prime manufacturers of leading agricultural machinery, and in meticulous tractors. With over 37 factories in 9 different countries, Massey Ferguson has manufactured a comprehensive range of tractors to convene every farmer’s needs. Some of their earlier models comprise the MF 290 2wd Tractors, MF35, and MF65, which can still be found working lesser farms these days and it, is as well a firm favorite amongst tractor reinstatement hobbyists. In 1993, Massey-Ferguson was acquired by AGCO who is still frequently updating and sanitizing the occupied Massey-Ferguson product array.

MF 290 2wd Tractor

The MF 290 2wd Tractor is a two-wheel (4×2 2WD) tractor or four-wheel (4×4 MFWD 4WD), contrived by Massey Ferguson from 1983 to 1986. The Massey Ferguson 290 tractor is prepared with four-cylinder Perkins A4.248 (4.1 L) diesel engine and 2 transmission options: manual form transmission with eight forward and two reverse or Multi-Power transmissions with 12 ahead and 4 reverse (3 speeds in two ranges plus two-speed power shift).

The MF 290 2wd Tractor used a four-cylinder naturally-aspirated liquid-cooled diesel engine Perkins A4.248, with 101.0 mm (3.97 in) of the cylinder bore and 127 mm (5 in) of the piston stroke. Compression ratio rating is 16.0:1. This engine produced 67 PS (49.2 kW; 66 HP) of output power on PTO-shaft and 81 PS (59.7 kW; 80 HP) of greatest foul power. The engine used an oil bath or dual dry component air cleaner with over-bonnet pre-cleaner and single, elevated capacity fuel filter. The MF 290 2wd Tractor used hydrostatic power-assisted steering, disparity lock operated by foot-pedal, and discrepancy hydraulic wet discs brake. The MF 2290 used unfasten operator place, a two-post rollover protection structure (ROPS) or cabin ware obtainable as a selection.

Our opinion about Massey Ferguson 290

Slightly typical motor power, diesel, really gigantic and powerful engine, valuable but still standard (typical) unit, high-quality value and presentation for the price and costs, fertility assess the mean paying consideration to a fine cost to the presentation, 4-cylinder engine, absolutely matched the rated speed, 12V typical starter, large battery 24V, fixed with an alternator, illumination rather typical, PTO with extremely excellent specifications, no emergency brake aid, disc brakes, wet, too weighty, a rather big and rather extended, wide carriage, typical authorization, customary 2 wheel drive, hydrostatic control, no harmonization in a box, power move, higher transmission, two clutches, electro-hydraulic, changing load, the common number of gears forward as a mock-up alike class, racing in the back of very partial.

Malik Argo industries Offers world-renowned Massey Ferguson and NewHolland Tractors on worldwide Quality Standards, Emission, and Leakage Controlled on reasonable prices along with assurance and accessibility.  Malik Argo industries abounding Tractors are significantly able to after-sales. We are the Manufacturer and Supplier of Agricultural Tractor Implement and Agriculture Equipments that suit the essential rations of every Farmer. These Implement will provide the best well-organized Farming in the area with excellent productivity.

We are dealing in all type of Tractors Part and Engine Spare Parts


  • Cabin
  • Canopy
  • Rear Toe Ditch
  • Swinging Draw Bar
  • Engine Parts
  • Transmission Parts
  • Power Steering Kit

History about the Massey Ferguson 290

The MF 290 2wd Tractor primary came out at $21,100 (1986), but you might be one of the blessed ones who establish a good contract lower than that. The awful news is that, like any other tractor, the MF 290 2wd Tractors wants spare parts to stay in succession; the good news is that we encompass all the parts you require at 60% off merchant prices in our catalog. Occasionally, the parts compatibility is resolute by the serial number of your MF 290 2wd Tractor, and that information should be scheduled on the part fit annotations.

If you don’t have the serial integer of your tractor, you can discover it on the apparatus comfort on the right side. The serial number begins from 386453 for a 1983 model, from 389947 for a 1984 model, from 393422 for a 1985 model, from 723909 for a 1986 model. Some Massey Ferguson 290 Tractors have a 4×2 2WD chassis; they also contain differential hydraulic wet disc brakes. The kind II 3-point hitch is very dependable. It is as well worth noting that the survival (dual-clutch) back PTO runs at 540 RPMs.

Massey Ferguson 290 Parts

Using the MF 290 2wd Tractor parts list as we provided you will be bright to slender down your search to the spares parts you are looking for. Sometimes it may be helpful to stare for engine spares and associated stand-in parts like Engine Parts, Front Axle & Steering, and Transmission Components, etc by looking them up by Engine No.

With absolute access to the Spare parts, orientation data allow us to obtain the top fitment options doable. This year our provider has bulked up their stock amount of tiring parts and also lowered their price level to provide an enhanced deal and we are bountiful that discount on to you! Just drop us an email by the contact us and we’ll get back to you within a few hours.

Some of Massey Ferguson 290 qualities are given below

  • 2 and 4 Wheel drive versions
  • Tier II engines with Powerful, lofty torque
  • Transmissions with proficient Centre Shift progressive and logical gear run
  • Admirable power transfer with Simple PTO System
  • Efficient Ferguson 3-point association system easy-to-operate
  • Powerful external Hydraulic system
  • Simple well-positioned mechanical controls with hefty at ease operator platform
  • Powerful, high-capacity lift capacity

Tractor Optional Equipment

We as well offer extra tractor equipment like Mirrors Front and Rear, Hole Drawbars, Front Weights, Roll-over Protection System (ROPS), Fiber-Glass Canopies, Pintle Hooks, Nine-Hydraulic Valves, Trailer Hooks and Power take-off pulleys (PTO).

Massey Ferguson Tractor Parts

Malik Argo industries provide a full series of replacement and spare tractor parts and trimmings for Massey Ferguson. At Malik Argo industries, we pride ourselves in always being capable to give expert recommendations and customer service on any feature of Massey Ferguson parts.

Massey Ferguson Tractors developed an extensive range of agricultural vehicles and has a substantial share in the market athwart the world particularly in Pakistan and South Africa. The next accepted model formed was the MF135, almost certainly the trendiest tractor of all time. The 135 was the primary and least model in the MF 100 series tractor range. Other models were the 145, 148, 150, 165, 168, 175, 178, 180, 185 and 188. Later came the MF (500 series).

The series included the MF 350, 362, 375, 383, 390, 390T, 393, 394, 395, 398, and the 399. At Malik Argo Industries, you will discover a broad selection of high-quality replacement Massey Ferguson tractor spare parts. Stocked in Pakistan, South Africa, and obtainable for delivery wide-reaching. We deliver own brand parts as well as Lucas, LUK Tractor Clutches, BKT Tractor tyres, Baldwin Filters, engine parts appropriate for Perkins engines, and more.

What we provide?

Based in Pakistan/ South Africa, Malik Argo industries is one of the leading and most specialized suppliers of vintage and classic Massey Ferguson tractors and spare parts in the country. We make available both retail and trade and pride ourselves on our service. United with our immense assortment of stock and our proficient staff’s all-embracing knowledge, we can lend a hand you come across the parts you require swiftly, all from one place and at a viable price.

First-rate product quality and customer service are the most significant qualities to us; all of our sales squads have outstanding comprehension and eagerness concerning tractors. Customers are welcome to visit our Trade Counter where you can converse face-to-face with one of our sales legislatures. All of the tractors and their parts we build up or purchase are experienced on the suitable models earlier than a sale. We as well offer an extensive guarantee on all of our special products. We do not believe in purchasing inferior quality products just to get a lesser price; the harms caused by lower products are not valued the preliminary saving.

Best and reliable Massey Ferguson Tractors provider with complete range

Malik Argo industries are one of the leading tractor exporters from Pakistan to Africa. We take together New Holland and Massey Ferguson Tractors for sell overseas counting all Massey Ferguson Models MF 240 (50 hp), MF 260 (60hp), MF 350 (50 hp), MF 375 (75hp), MF 385(85hp 2WD) and MF 385 (85hp 4WD).

We sell abroad absolute farm equipment as well as tractor implements. Our functional tractor implements can simply be attached with Massey Ferguson tractors to execute various practical operations in little to big agricultural farms. We hold lots of utility implements like 2, 3, and 4 Disc Plough, Disc Harrow, Seed Drill, Farm Trailer, Wheat Thresher, and Rice Thresher, front and rear blades, Maize Sheller, Potato Planter, bed shape planter and many more. We can also provide any implement on order. If you want any implement for your agricultural purpose, you may contact us and we can make and provide to you.

Easy to Use method for getting Massey Ferguson Tractors makes us different from others

Malik Argo industries are trusted South Africa and Pakistan based companies occupied in the export of tractors. Our pleased customers are extending around the Globe. Our tractors prices are greatly viable and we can deliver tractors of your choice at your doorstep irrespective of your geographic location. It is very simple to place an online tractors/ implements order. All you need to accomplish is to browse through our tractors website, choose the tractor of your selection, and click the Tractor inquest tab and fill out our easy online tractor order form to put your order. As soon as you place an order, one of our representatives will call you through email/ phone you have mentioned in the form.

Fundamental Tractor care tips for the maintenance of your tractor

Extra care gives you a superior piece of tractor whether New Holland and Massey Ferguson. Malik Argo industries gives you some vital care tips for the upholding of your tractor, with the aid of these commands you can effortlessly keep and make your tractor prepared for improved performance.

For further details, please Contact Us.

  • Before Starting the Tractor Daily
  • Grease Points on the Tractor
  • How to Start the Tractor
  • How to Shut Off the Tractor
  • Important Instructions about the Engine
  • Important Instructions about the Engine
  • Changing the Engine Oil
  • Engine Temperature
  • Running-in and Driving the Tractor
  • Maintenance of Radiator and Oil Cooler
  • Checking the Radiator Water Level
  • Checking the Fan-belt Tension
  • How to Change the Diesel Filter
  • How to Change Engine Oil and Filter
  • Air-lock and How to Remove it
  • How to Fill the Diesel Tank
  • How to Store Diesel
  • Checking/Changing Steering Oil
  • Battery Maintenance

Before Starting the Tractor Daily

  • Have you checked and restocked the engine oil?
  • Have you checked the broadcast / hydraulic oil?
  • you checked and replenished oil in the air-cleaner oil bath?
  • Have you checked the diesel level in the diesel tank and replenished it?
  • you checked the fan-belt tension?
  • Have you removed deposits from the glass cup of the diesel filter?
  • Have you cleaned the pre-air cleaner?

How to Start the (New Holland/ Massey Ferguson) Tractors

Push the engine shutting off lever (choke) as far as probable. Keep mutually levers in impartial position, Put in key in the blast-off at point number 1, rotate the key clockwise to the position number 2, which will turn ON the complete electrical system and all the measures and meters will begin working Turning the key to the point number 3 will start the engine. Let lose the key as soon as the engine starts previous to warmth starting the tractor, turn the key counter-clockwise; then after 15 to 20 seconds turn the key clockwise to the begin position NEVER start the tractor with any other key or engine dipstick.

How to Shut-Off the (New Holland/ Massey Ferguson) Tractors

Press the clutch and place all apparatus into a neutral position. Tow out the engine shut-off lever (choke) to its greatest perimeter, the engine will shut off. Bring the key reverse to position number 1, which will reason all meters and gauges to discontinue running. Then eliminate the key from the detonation.

Very Important (FOR TURBO ENGINE)

After starting, keeps the engine operation for 2 to 3 minutes at small inactive momentum. Before shutting off, remain the engines running for 2 to 3 minutes at low idle speed. Never push the accelerator instantly after starting or before shutting off the engine.

Important instruction about the (New Holland/ Massey Ferguson) tractor engine

Optimum presentation of the engine depends on its appropriate use and good preservation. Proper assortment of engine speed and mechanism is necessary for proper use. Proper selection of engine velocity and gear can reduce the diesel expense up to 15%. It is better to shut off the engine and restart when desirable again. It has been usually pragmatic that 75% of the tractors break down hastily due to negligence in preservation.

Changing the Engine Oil of New Holland/ Massey Ferguson Tractors

The most significant task in the maintenance of the tractor is altering the engine oil on time. Modify the oil according to the prescribed schedule in the maintenance booklet. Check the engine oil level daily before starting work.  There are two marks on the measure; MIN is written on one and MAX at the other. The engine oil stage should never be fewer than MIN or superior to MAX. The tractor must be parked on a level plane when checking the oil level.

Engine Temperature of New Holland/ Massey Ferguson Tractors

The designated temperature of the diesel engine is 80 to 85oC. To uphold this temperature, there is a regulator called ‘thermostat’ in the engine. Never isolate it from the tractor below any condition. Engine parts have been contrived to operate at a precise temperature, and the engine may be debilitated if the temperature falls under or rises exceeding this temperature.

Usually, the inexperienced or ill-trained technicalities eliminate this valve from the engine, which causes the engine to function at cold temperatures. Engine operation at low temperature causes faster wear out of the piston rings and liners, and shortly the engine becomes futile. Experiments have confirmed that operating the engine at 40o C as a substitute of 80oC wears out the piston rings twice as fast. Furthermore, the cold engine maneuver enlarges the diesel utilization by 5%.

Method of Running-in and Driving the Tractor

  • Do not force the tractor to farm or home instantaneously after enchanting delivery. Has it passed on a truck instead?
  • Operate tractor at a 75% weight from the start. Before this, drive the tractor in 3rd gear and at occupied profundity in already ploughed meadows.
  • If a trolley is to be pulled then 75%, then the trolley could be crammed with weight up to 75% of its ability. After using the tractor for the primary 30 hours, have the adjoining dealer or approved workshop service the tractor for the initial time.
  • Very significant under no incident operate the tractor vacant (without load), nor remain the engine running at leisure for extended periods.

Upholding of  Oil Cooler and Radiator in Massey Ferguson Tractors

Just similar to the radiator, to cool the oil with air, there is an oil cooler installed in the MF260. In the MF375S/385/385 4WD, oil is chilled with an oil cooler that uses water as an alternative of air.

The radiator and oil cooler grills in the MF260 should be tartan habitually. If overseas entity/debris is established stuck on them; spotless with solid air or water with less than 100 Psi pressure. When cleaning the grills, ensure the side panels are aloof so the dust and debris trapped on them could locate a way out. Never utilize diesel to unsoil the grills. Simple soapy water is adequate for purification.

Checking Water Level of the Radiator in Tractor

  • Before inspection of the water rank in the radiator, it is very imperative to have the tractor engine turned off; as removing the radiator pressure cap hurriedly when the engine is hot, the voluble boiling water may harm you.
  • Eradicate the radiator cap with the bonnet flap raised. If the water rank is squat, then fill up with standard drinking water
  • If water change is desirable, eradicate the drain plug placed at the bottom right side of the radiator

Checking the Fan-Belt Tension of MF Tractor

Fan-belt being movable or excessively tightened may become a cause to burn the engine and damage the alternator. Hence, it is essential to have the fan-belt tightened to the appropriate tension. To ensure the tension, pressing the longer portion of the strap (amid the alternator and crankshaft pulley as exposed in the picture) with a power of about 10 pounds should unite the belt 10mm or? Of an inch. In case of inappropriate tension in the belt, undo the alternator and adjusting link nuts, and by pressing the alternator with the assist of a lever, tighten the bolts following adjusting the belt’s tension. Verify the tension again after lessening the bolts.

How to Change the Diesel Filter in Tractor

Diesel filters are positioned on the left part of the tractors. The glass cup filter is known as the ‘primary filter’ and the second is called the ‘secondary filter’. Test the primary filter every day, if you locate water or dust in the diesel then by hand open the drain trap in the glass cup to use up the dirty diesel. Prevent the cock of the diesel tap must be unlocked while draining the diesel. Daily cleaning of the diesel this way protects imperative and luxurious parts like fuel injection pump and atomizers. Before installing the diesel filter, first and chief it is imperative to close the diesel tank’s stop-cock.

Remove the diminutive bolt-on peak of the filter body with the key provided, and split the filter. Replace the miniature rubber ring with an innovative ring. Likewise after replacing the 2 superior rings place the new diesel filter and stiffen the bolt. Open the diesel tank’s stop cock; manually re-establish the diesel supply in the fuel line by pumping the priming knob of the fuel lift drive.

Technique and series of altering the Engine Oil and Filter in Tractor

  • Square the tractor on a stage exterior and turn off the engine.
  • Confiscate the drain plug positioned under the engine sump and exhaust the oil utterly.
  • Remove oil filter with Filter Remover.
  • Clean the filter body methodically with a cloth removes the previous rubber ring and reinstates it with a fresh ring.
  • After stodgy, the new filter with oil, constrict with the filter body.
  • Gradually fill fresh oil through the oil-inlet until it begins to come out of the oil drain plug hole. instantly re-plug the drain firmly
  • Now dispense more oil until it reaches the “Max” level patent on the dipstick.
  • The oil level should be someplace amid the “Min” and “Max” marks on the dipstick. Though, it must never be lower the “Min” mark or beyond the “Max” mark.
  • Always utilize the oil in the engine consequently.
  • The MF-240/350/260 engines grasp 6.8 liters of oil, while MF-375/385/385 4WD holds 7.5 liters.

Air Lock and how to remove it from the fuel system of the tractor

How to Remove the Air-Lock

  • Tighten all pipes and nuts of the fuel method.
  • First, unlock the upper Vent Plug of the primary fuel filter and force the fuel lift pump of the priming lever, so that airless diesel begins to pour. Shut the Vent Plug.
  • Now release the 2 screws on the fuel inoculation pump and keep poignant the priming lever until diesel without air bubble begins to flow out. First, tighten the lesser screw and then the upper one.
  • First, slacken the towering pressure pump of the cylinders the automizer.
  • Start the tractor with the key and stiffen the soaring pressure pipe as the engine sound becomes clearer/ steady.

How to Fill the Diesel Tank of New Holland/ Massey Ferguson Tractor

Always utilize antiseptic diesel; i.e. that does not hold sand, water, kerosene, and other needless elements, as these ruin the expensive and fragile parts of the fuel injection pump and automizer which get worse engine presentation. To defend the parts described and described over, it is significant that you replenish the diesel tank after close of work. Refilling the tank will reduce air in it. The less air in the tank will generate less water vapor, and the parts will be protected from harm. Never blend oil in the diesel.

Storing the Diesel

If diesel is to be stockpiled in drums, then slope the diesel crammed drums. The front end of the drum be obliged to be 3 to 4 inches superior to its rear end so that all surplus deposits like sand, rust, dust settle at the back end, and unsoiled diesel comes out from the facade.

Battery Care of New Holland and Massey Ferguson Tractor

Most profits can be obtained from the battery by following the directions described under.

  • The tractor battery must never be used devoid of the ‘bracket’; or else the battery could be spoiled. Safe the battery clips forcefully.
  • If there is white or blue essence on the battery terminals, clean the terminals with warm water and dry; and pertain some petroleum jelly.
  • Before replacing the caps, confirm to make certain the Vent Holes on them are not bunged; because the battery might be debilitated if the holes are congested.
  • Never use a hammer or weighty object to shove wire clamps on the terminals. Otherwise, the battery will be bankrupt very quickly.
  • The battery wires must never be wobbly. If not, starting the tractor will be complicated.
  • Reinstate the defective wire and/or clamps.

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Malik Argo industry is self-righteous to be a dependable supplier of Massey Ferguson Tractors to its ever-rising clients. While we have industrialized units in South Africa, Pakistan for Agricultural Machinery and equipments. We are accountable for overseas operations and marketing as exporting Agricultural Machinery, Equipment, Tractors, Tractor Parts, and Trimmings to numerous countries.

We always stay in tech with the newest Technological expansions so that our products can rally all the necessities of our users. While we welcome you to attempt our inquiry or prop up channels in any instance. Expectantly you will be happy t

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