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Crop Planter

Crop Planter

Crop Planter

A Crop Planter is a container also recognized as the container in which plants are grown-up. Planters come in diverse sizes, materials, and shapes that hold soil, fertilizers, etc. that helps the seeds to produce into plants. When creating plant beds is not possible in your outdoors, planters are the top solutions to keep on surrounded by emerald inside or outside your house. Designer planters can also be used to emphasize the aesthetics of your space counting your house or even workplace.This multi-crop planter is used for planting dissimilar seeds such as Maize, Soybean, Sorghum, Grams, Peas, Peanuts, Sunflower, and Cotton Seeds, etc. and it also maintains plant to plant spacing in a line.

Malik Argo Industries counted as the top-rated organization for built-up and exporting of quality Agricultural Equipment, providing a variegated product variety that includes: Ridge Planter, Raised Bed Planter, Paddy Grain Planter & Zero Till Ferti- Seed Drill, Seed Drill, Maize Sheller, etc. Moreover the product stroke we present is recognized for high performance and burly tensile power.

Different Types of multi-crop planter

Multi Crop Vacuum Planter:

We are amid the alleged organizations, greatly occupied in providing the best quality series of Multi-Crop Vacuum Planter. Moreover our planter provides elevated exactness in seed spacing, seed simulation for the sowing of multiple crops like Cotton, Corn, and Grain. Being an efficiently driven organization, while we are devoted to providing quality-oriented products. Which are procured from chief vendors of the market. We have maintained a large unit to securely store our series before it is dispatched to the clients’ end. While we sell abroad our products globally.

  • Metering System: Vacuum metering system permits a very precise simulation even with patchy size and irregular shape seeds.
  • Firm flex Wheel: Soft rubber wheel reconsolidates soil devoid of exerting an extreme downward force on the pinnacle of the seed trench & helps avert water stagnation on the surface.
  • Easy and Precise Fertilization: Fertilizer distributor can effortlessly set up and permits the liberation of a broad series of rates.
  • Mechanical Row Marker: Uniform row spacing and augmenting production.
  • Parallelogram Mechanism: Helps to preserve the level of the planter as per the curve of the ground with uniform seed profundity.
  • Modular Design of Row Units: Row units can be shifted on the mainframe. Adaptable row spacing, of use for varied cropping.
  • Easy speed spacing adjustment: Different sprockets can be used to choose requisite seed spacing.
Multi Crop Ridge Planter:

This Planter is used for planting corn chiefly and other unlike seeds such as Peas, Peanuts, Sunflower, Soya bean, Grams, and Cotton Seeds can be panted effortlessly. It also maintains plants to plant spacing in a chain. While we have been causative to the farming expansion of the countries by providing ground-breaking implements at the most reasonable prices.
We utilize the best quality of raw material and sustainable engineering designs for mechanized pioneering implements of worldwide standards. Moreover our employees habitually come from rural areas and agriculture backgrounds. They recognize the products they construct and they understand how our customers will use them. These facts help us build a creation that will do as expected for the year to come.

Maize Planter:

Using excellent materials, we are developed these planters for our customers according to their uses and applications. These implements are manufactured with the most modern technology. So that the farmers can simply plant their crops in the meadow with the least amount of seed loss.

Multiple Planters Zero Tillage Seed Drill

A Multiple Planter Zero Tillage Seed Drill helps farmers in positioning and casing the seed. The creation of this machine has replaced the problem of replacing by hand with the easiness of exact mechanical planting. The drill is prepared up of hopper of seeds and tubes. That are approved at detailed distances to accomplish the preferred level of tillage to alter the level of enlargement. The seed is metered as an outcome of flute paddles’ rotation using a drive from drill’s land wheels.

With our seed drill, crop yield ratio can be upped by 900 percent as our zero tillage drills assist plantation with no distressing the oil level. Seed drills manufactured by us are optional for planting necessary crops like wheat, grams, peas, maize, and mustard. To serve a broader section of farmers, our seed drills are obtainable in poles apart sizes, catering to dissimilar tractors. The distance across our drill is 1.54m and its loftiness is 1.22m. it weighs 580 kg and has an inter-row aloofness of 15 cm and a sowing width of 1.8 m. Our drills are suggested for tractors of 50Hp to tractors having 85 HP. Aside from offering expediency, our zero tillage seed drills also put aside fixed cost as well as added irrigation costs.


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