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Post Hole Digger

Post hole digger is a PTO determined machine that digs holes in rows on identical aloofness perfunctorily and reasonably. Appropriate for tree plantation, for making holes for thrilling poles. Dig bottomless. Or not. These diggers can auger unfathomable, in a straight line post holes, or lend a hand you swiftly plant trees and shrubs. Woods presents a broad range of post hole diggers, counting 4 sizes and 3 duty classes. Malik Argo Industries an exclusive name in the industry manufacturing a large series of Hydraulic Post Hole Diggers.

We are one of the most respected firms of a flawless collection of Post Hole Digger. This wheel digger helps to dig holes for polo rank, agricultural estate, etc. Obtainable wheel digger is largely demanded by our appreciated clients for its essential features. We present this wheel digger in dissimilar terms as per the particular supplies of our appreciated clients.

  • Hole digger is a tool, which can drill/dig holes of assorted sizes and depths in the soil. Hole Digger is used to formulate pits for plantation of mango, Phyllanthus embolic, coconut, teak, pomegranate, lemon, and sugarcane, etc.
  • Tractor PTO of 540 RPM instinctively drives Hole Digger to portend.
  • Hole Digger consists of a Stabilizer system, which keeps the augur vertical to the ground while in maneuver and controls fluctuation of augur while moving from one point to an additional point.
  • Hole Digger Gearbox, Power Transmission, Shaft, and Spirals are mainly significant.
  • Heavy Duty Tubular Frame.
  • Particular Steel grade cast cutting tip with semi-double flighting.
  • Digs holes in rows on identical distances. Automatically and inexpensively.
  • Greatest for tree plantation, electrical poles, and farm hedges.
  • 90cm deep hole with even length in 30 seconds.
  • Detaching agues will convert this into a diminutive crane.
  • Single-speed heavy duty gearbox.