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Malik Agro Industries for Massey Ferguson Tractors?

Why Malik Agro Industries for Massey Ferguson Tractors?

The need for tractors in agriculture has never been more critical than it is now. With a growing population and increased demand from farmers, Malik Agro Industries for Massey Ferguson Tractors new line of GPS-driven machines was explicitly designed for you. The operator to help make your job easier!

The features of these high-tech implements include an encoder ring that counts each rotation, indexed transmissions that allow precise speed control at any point during operation, and sophisticated traction systems, so there are no surprises when pulling out some stubborn weeds or turning over dirt clods.

With Malik Agro Industries, you can purchase world-renowned Massey Ferguson, New Holland products and Farm Implements at competitive prices.

Massey Ferguson 290 2wd Tractor

If you’re looking for a reliable, robust and efficient machine to handle all your farming needs, look no further than the Massey Ferguson 290 tractors. These fantastic pieces of technology will provide excellent performance compared to other models today!

This is the most essential and desired model of tractors because farmers want it very much. The MF 290 2wd Tractor will provide you with better performance compared to other models today.

Why Malik Agro Industries For Massey Ferguson 290?

Malik Agro Industries is a well-known name in the world of agriculture. They are an exporter specialized exclusively for brand new Massey Ferguson models (MF 240, 260, 290 & 350, to list just some). Our company is the most popular, and we export more tractors than anyone else in Pakistan.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who will help you find just what your farm needs. With 40-60 day shipping times from the moment we receive notification, it won’t take long to ship ordered tractors to Libya.


  • Diesel 4.248 Powerful Engine
  • User-Friendly
  • Efficient Pulling Power
  • Larger Tank
  • Durable Front Axle & Support
  • Multi-disc brake system with pendant paddle

Massey Ferguson 385

The Massey Ferguson MF 385 4wd Tractor is a high-quality, durable 2WD tractor with a powerful Perkins engine. It’s perfect for smaller fields and farms that need an environmentally friendly workhorse to handle all their tasks, from tilling soil in preparation for planting seeds or harvesting crops such as corn on the cob.

Why Massey Ferguson 385 From Malik Agro Industries?

The Massey Ferguson 385 has a diesel-4.41 engine speed at 540 live PTO rpm is 1789RPM, and maximum blastin’ capability lies in an incredible 2250fps! We offer you this powerful plough truck that can go from 0 – 60 miles per hour within just three seconds on its way. You will get matched gear set up: MF 385 2wd, Tractor Transmission.

We are the best place to buy tractors and their implements. We offer high-quality tractors in Libya with A+ ratings and fuel efficiency rankings, among others, that meet all your needs!

If you are looking for the most popular and registered tractor dealers in Pakistan, it is safe to say that your search has ended with us. We have been providing quality service for years, so we know what makes a good company—and how vital customer satisfaction can be!


  • High-Performance Diesel Low-Noise Engine
  • Reduced Gaseous Emissions under ECE R49
  • Reduced Smoke Level
  • An oil Cooler was Added for Effective Cooling.
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • Efficient Oil Immersed Multi-Disc Brake System.
  • Spring Suspension along with Deluxe Seat.

Massey Ferguson 375

The MF 375 2wd Tractor is a reliable workhorse that can tackle anything you throw at it. It’s powerful and efficient thanks to its low-noise engine, making the experience much more enjoyable.

This Massey Ferguson 375 for sale is the most economical and efficient way to work your land. With its low cost of operation, this 1 WD tractor meets all demands that farmers have in mind when they purchase or use one.

The MF 375 by Massey Ferguson is a rugged machine that can handle any terrain with its powerful engine. The four-cylinder Perkins 441 twin, rated at 1019 horsepower, provides the power you need to get through even rough terrains.

Why Malik Agro Industries For Massey Ferguson 375?

Malik Agro Industries has been able to use his engineering and manufacturing experience for over two decades as a foundation that builds upon today’s latest agricultural technology innovations. We can deliver anywhere in Libya this massive Massey Ferguson 375.

The intention behind creating this business was born out of poverty – realizing just how expensive it can be when you’re trying your best but still falling short financially due solely because there are certain things outside your control.


  • High-performance Perkins 4.41 engine
  • Oil cooler system for better cooling
  • Robust straddle rear axle
  • Oil-immersed disc brakes
  • Heavy Duty Front support

Massey Ferguson 240

The MF 240 2wd Tractor is an excellent choice for those who want to do more than work the land. It has endless design options, powerful engines and efficient fuel consumption rates that will make your life easier no matter what you’re planting or harvesting.

The Massey Ferguson 240 Tractor Review is the perfect choice for those looking to do some serious farming. This robust and durable machine has a fifty horsepower engine capacity, together with 3 Cylinder Direct Inject Diesel that will provide years of reliable service on your Farm or ranch.

Why Malik Agro Industries Expertise For Massey Ferguson 240?

The organization of Mailk Agro Industries has been in business for more than two decades and is fully equipped with international resources. They have satisfied farmers from all around Libya who want to buy their products easily online or through phone calls.

The farmers have been buying tractors for all their needs, from a trim level to an upgrade on the latest models.


  • Economical in 50 HP Range
  • Fuel-Efficient, Durable Engine
  • Rugged, Maneuverable, and Compact
  • Ideal, Versatile All-Round Tractor
  • Spring Suspension Deluxe Seat
  • User-Friendly to Service Points.

Massey Ferguson 390

The MF-390/385 2WD tractor for sale is an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient way to plough your fields. With its excellent stability, this machine will provide you with plenty of traction power, so there’s no need to worry about getting stuck in the snow.

Malik Agro Industries Expertise For Massey Ferguson 390

We are happy to offer their customers high-quality products and services with innovative solutions in Libya. Our company offers top-quality products through outstanding innovation to their customers in an efficient manner while maintaining close relationships with them as well.


  • Perkins A4.248
  • Displacement: 248 ci 4.1 L
  • Bore/Stroke: 3.975×5.00 inches 101 x 127 mm
  • Power: 79 hp 58.9 kW

Massey Ferguson 265

The Massey Ferguson 265 is one of the most popular models in its class, with good reason. It offers performance and power on par or more significant than other competing tractors at a great price that won’t break your budget!

Why Malik Agro Industries For Massey Ferguson 265?

Tractors are a product of observation, inspiration and consultation. Every step in the process involves our customers, who help us create innovation that can improve productivity from day one of use. We aim to provide you with high-performance Massey Ferguson 265 in Libya.


  • Fuel Gasoline
  • Displacement 3.9 L, 3,890 cc (239 cu.in.)
  • Bore x stroke 98.4 x 127 mm (3.87 x 5 in)
  • Power output PTO: 61 PS (44.7 KW; 60.0 HP)


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