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Best Ultimate Guide Massey Ferguson 290 And 385 4wd | Malik Agro Industries

Best Ultimate Guide Massey Ferguson 290 and 385 4wd | Malik Agro Industries

These tractors have impressive technical features, making them great options for farmers, landscapers, and general contractors. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features of these two models. So you can decide which one is best for your needs.

Design Attractions

The MF 290 2wd Tractor and 385 4W models are ideal for their outstanding design. The MF 290 model is a modern tractor with a curved hood and a flat platform. It comes with a large range of features, including an ergonomic and adjustable seat. It allows for maximum comfort during operation. The engine is low in the chassis for higher stability. Also, the wheelbase comes from high-strength steel to ensure durability.

The Massey Ferguson 385 4wd Tractor model has a more traditional design, featuring a sloping hood and wider rear wheel track. The wheelbase of the MF 385 is slightly longer than that of the MF 290. It provides greater stability on uneven terrain. Both models have a comfortable cabin, boasting plenty of storage space and air conditioning. The driver’s seat is adjustable to accommodate different body sizes. The instrument panel provides all the information needed to operate the tractor safely.

Engine Properties

The MF 290 and 385 4wd tractors come with a 3-cylinder, high-performance engine. The MF 290 comes with a 30-hp engine, while the MF 385 comes with a 42-hp engine. Both engines feature an advanced design for maximum performance and efficiency. The design features an in-line injection system with a direct-injection combustion chamber. Also, it has a variable displacement oil pump to ensure smooth operation and low fuel consumption. Both models also have an electronic governor to adjust the engine speed automatically, which helps in reducing fuel consumption.

Additionally, both tractors come with a manual or a synchro shuttle gearbox, providing the user with more control and versatility. Air-cooled diesel engines provide reliable power and performance even in the toughest conditions.

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Transmission Specifications

The MF 290 and 385 4WD tractors come with a 12-speed synchro-shuttle transmission. This transmission provides both forward and reverse speeds with a single lever control. It allows the operator to change direction while operating quickly. The transmission has a direct drive power take-off (PTO).

Comprehensive Guide For Massey Ferguson Tractor Models

So, the tractor can be used for various applications, such as mowing, tilling, and baling. The transmission also includes a power shift feature, allowing for smooth gear changes without stopping. The transmission also has an integrated live hydraulic system for easy loader operation. It allows the operator to lift and lower attachments with the simple push of a button.

Suspension Efficiency 

The MF 290 and 385 4WD tractors have the latest suspension technology. It gives them the ultimate stability and comfort. The suspension system utilizes a double-acting hydraulic shock absorber for a smooth ride. This shock absorber is adjustable to accommodate different weights and terrain, allowing maximum versatility.

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The front axle has an independent wheel suspension and a rigid wheel mount, providing improved comfort and efficiency. Both tractors also come with an adjustable load-bearing capacity, allowing for better load distribution on uneven terrain. The rear axle also has independent wheel suspension and adjustable load capacity for enhanced stability when working in tough terrain.

The overall suspension system ensures improved road comfort for the operator, with an adjustable seat and ergonomic controls that provide easy operation. The combination of the suspension system features makes both tractors a great choice for tackling tasks.

Brakes Credibility 

MF 290 and 385 4WD tractors come with an effective braking system. The brakes are hydraulic, multiple-disc, and wet-type and provide excellent stopping power and control. The brakes are at the rear wheels of the tractor.

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The MF 290 and 385 4WD have an in-built braking system that works effectively even in harsh conditions. The brakes are ideal for maximum strength and performance. It provides strong and reliable stopping power regardless of terrain or load. They are also reliable for low wear, which helps reduce maintenance costs over the tractor’s life. Regarding safety, the 290 and 385 4WD brakes provide excellent control. It has a combination of mechanical and hydraulic systems. They ensure that your tractor is always safe and under control when driving.

For added safety and control, the MF 290 and 385 4WD brakes feature an anti-skid system. This system helps to reduce slippage and minimize wear on the brakes, making it easier to maintain optimum braking performance. Overall, the MF 290 and 385 4WD brakes are ideal for performance and safety. They provide excellent stopping power and control. It reduces wear on the brakes for low maintenance costs over the tractor’s life.

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